NaNoWriMo Prep

Hello Everyone,

As October comes to an end, I prepare for the endeavor of writing a novel in a month. I have been reading writing manuals on how to manage my time, start the story line, avoid editing until the end of the writing session for the day, and editing after I finish the final 50,000 word manuscript in preparation for the manuscript being published and out in the world. This task may seem like a huge mountain to climb, but I am ready to take on the writing Mount Everest and finish strong.

I took an academic break, but with my break I can focus on my writing career a lot more and start making an income with my writing. I have enjoyed the break to focus on me and my wants, but I also am ready to return to the world of writing again.

Hope you all have a fantastic end of October and enjoy the All Hallows Eve festivities that you may have planned.


Kenneth R. Hinton

Writing Update

Dear Reader,

I am currently working on five book, yes five! They are a short story collection, a duology novel set (two novels focusing on the same characters, but told from the other character in the storyline’s point of view and belong in a set), and two stand alone novels.

The Black Wedding Party- This novel focuses on the love of two endearing characters, James Knight and Allen Cross, which against all odds, end up together despite the government trying to stop them. They both meet through a college connection and face the issue of rape on campus. In their first interaction, James is afraid to let his guard down, allowing a professor like Allen to help him. It is in this interaction of dealing with James falling victim to rape on campus that he realizes that Allen may be the perfect fit for a boyfriend or life partner because he saved him.
The story happens in a futuristic America, where a Republican candidate wins the Presidency and dismantles every single protection for LGBT individuals allowing for LGBT individuals to get locked up for protesting the government. One such protection that James and Allen hold dear, marriage, is stripped away… they rebel. The Black Wedding Party is formed as an underground community that marries LGBT individuals, but the treasonous act of marriage and secret organization formation leads to prison time.
During their time in lock-up, they are tortured and abused, until a letter to a visiting family member gets leaked to a newspaper. When the letter of mistreatment gets released everyone starts fighting to have the Republican President impeached for allowing this to happen in his town.

Summer Love Lasting- A summer of a whirl-wind romance between Ryan, a Registered Nurse, and a man, Edward, who believes that there is no more love to be found after many failed relationships. Ryan is visiting the coast of California, when he notices from the second floor landing of the beach house he is renting a man drops his wallet on the beach. Though Ryan is a muscled out man, Edward is not and believes that Ryan has chosen wrong with someone to have a summer romance with, but through it all their loves goes beyond the summer vacation.

The Untold Stories of a Young Sex Addict- A Collection of many different sorted affairs and hook-ups through my 20s, each story and characters teaching a life lesson.

When Barbie Met Ken & When Ken Met Barbie- This Duology of novels, tells the love story of Kenneth and his partner, Maurice aka “Barbie,” and the love that they share while one of them suffers through a long drawn out battle with cancer and the other is forced to watch, not knowing when the last breath will be the very last. Both Kenneth and Maurice will come to the conclusion that they were drawn together for the better.

Update for the 2022 Year

Dear Readers,

So I have not updated all of you in a very long time. I am so sorry life happened, but here is the latest and greatest going- ons in my life:

I graduated last May with my Master of the Arts in English Literature degree with a Teaching Composition Certificate from CSU- Sacramento.

I started to focus more on my novel writing and focusing on trying to get a job at the local colleges post-pandemic.

I have edited and rewritten poems:

A Tree’s Life 

The air was cold with the frost off Death’s cloak,

Dark clouds rolled in and lightning struck the large oak.

The large scathe ripped and spliced

The tree fell like a dice

It lay fallen and cold,

Dead to the world with nothing to hold.

Poor soul departed this life, 

The song once sung will never be heard again,

The melody of the soul leaves no gain

Death departed with the soul in hand 

He met the Devil and his band.

Leaving the body withered,

As he slithered.


Paradise Lost

 A land full of Gods and Monsters

Donte and Milton depicted our fall

Uriel stood watch, a fiery beacon

The serpent twisted around my waist,

Biting deeply into my pelvis.

Venom of evil 

Flowing in my veins 

I grabbed the fruit from the Tree

One bite of the Heavenly vessel 

Knowledge filled me

Paradise Lost. 


Dear Readers, 

I have been quite busy in the last few months working on many class projects, writing projects, and researching many possibilities for changes to my department’s way of evaluating students for their Masters degree. So sorry that I have not been on to write in a while. 

A class project that I am doing this semester is working in the CSU, Sacramento Special Collections Library with a 15th Century manuscript, which is a single sheet double sided ripped from a book and sold off by collectors. The collector did not know what the actual book was and was only interested in selling off pages of the manuscript for money. Our text was originally thought to be a “psaltiarium” from a 15th Century book. Working with two other classmates to determine where the text actually came from, what the words are on the page (originally written in Latin), translating the Latin into English to figure out what text it actually came from. This project was started by our professor Dr. Kim Zarins (author of Sometimes We Tell the Truth published by SimonPulse)  for her ENGL 240A- Chaucer class as a way of furthering our knowledge of Medieval manuscripts and as a way of preparing for doctoral programs, where we will probably be working with original manuscrips for our Ph.Ds. If you are reading this Dr. Zarins, yes, I did just plug for your class and your first novel. 

My second project was editing, revising, and presenting my research findings from a literary analysis paper on Walt Whitman’s Third Edition of Leaves of Grass, which inclded his “Children of Adam” (Enfans d’Adam)  cluster and the “Calamus” cluster the two clusters are the equivalent of Heterosexual and Homosexual  experience respectively. My research was specifically on the “Calamus” cluster and the title of my research paper is “Whitman’s ‘Calamus’ Cluster in the Third Edition of the Leaves of Grass: The Closeted Homosexual Experience”, which was a fifteen page paper originally, was presented at the Student Reseach Symposium at California State University, Sacramento on March 4th, 2019 at 10:20AM. 

The Third project has been looking at all CSU campuses English M.A. programs to see how they evalute their students to grant a Masters of the Arts in English. Our current methods at CSU, Sacramento are 1) Thesis and 2) Comprehensive Exam, both of the current options have some significant drawbacks for our students and the department. The first drawback for students is the fact that a student needs a 3.7 GPA to write a thesis and find two readers willing to read the piece of work that will be published in our library for you M.A. The GPA cap and the finding readers are both in existance because faculty members in our department are not compinsated to read thesises, meaning that they are not being given release time or being paid for the hours that they put into being a reader for students work. So, this option is extremely limiting in who can write a thesis instead of taking a five hour written exam on 40 texts and 5 theoretical texts. The Exam option is very challenging because students are doing a timed writing and being forced to memorize over 40 texts and be able to pump out three lengthy essays on the texts in just a small five hour time frame. Some of the texts the student may never have been exposed to in our classes or in their academic career up to this point. The exam is an archaic way of testing students knowledge as a way to meet old academic standards from a formalist approach, we at CSUS do not teach timed writing in our M.A. classes, so the question becomes why have this exam? The exam is another way that faculty members get around the not being compinsated delema, it is only a small amount of readers reading the exam. 

End of the Year 2018

Dear readers,

It has been a while since I have given you all a message from my desk to your screens, but I have been busy. As the year closes out, I want to remind all of you to hold your dear ones close and remember that tomorrow is never promised and we might have to make some decisions to change our lives. I have decided to go back to a job that I was in for almost ten years and will still continue to go to school. My master’s degree is almost done and it has been a long time coming, but with these changes comes another change. I have decided that it is time to lose the weight that I have been holding onto for the past few years. I am not just giving up junk food and soda, but I am drastically going to change my diet by going full-on Keto diet. No more carbs for me! I also plan to give up coffee, since I have to put creamer and sugar in the cup with the coffee. So if you see me around and I look dead, approach with caution because I have no coffee in my system. So here is to hope that I can lose the 85 pounds that I want to before I graduate with my masters in May of 2019. 

Cheers to you and yours, 


P.S. Don’t drink and drive tomorrow. 

Fessing- Up Friday

Well, today is Friday, October 26th, 2018 and its time to Fess-Up. Today I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot keep pushing things away and hiding from real-life responsibilities. For the past year, I have been hiding the fact that I am struggling in graduate school. I have been told by friends and family members that I “Make them so proud” or that “You are doing so well keep going” but in sad reality, this is a façade. I have been masking the struggle in this modern-day to accomplish achieving the Master’s degree. I am taking three classes and teaching five while trying to have a somewhat social life and a dating life. It is not an easy feat to do all of that together, but I am trying, failing, but still trying to do it all. 

In some ways, I have been slipping in schoolwork and drowning myself in much more work than I need to just to keep afloat in graduate school. It may be time to take a breather and skip one area of the triangle that has been taking up my time. It will not be school and dating, but it will have to be a social life. I am going to be staying quite out of all social interactions until I feel like I have a lot more grounding in my life and some stability in graduate school. Next semester is supposed to be my last one, but if nothing falls into place with the rest of this term I may have to push back my graduation date to feel less stressed. 

Thanks for reading, 

Kenneth R. Hinton


Wicked Wednesday

Dear Reader,

Today has started out like any other day. I got up showered and made coffee then it was out the door I went. I sat through morning traffic just to get to work to alphabetize close to 1800 students’ exams that were scored on Saturday. The exam that was scored is what our university calls the Writing Placement for Juniors exam or (WPJ). The scoring was kind of crazy, but alphabetizing is almost done after two days of doing it. I finished almost all of it by 11am this morning. 

I had to teach my three classes today, but after the first one, I started to feel sick. After work today it is a night of hot soup, hot tea, a hot bath, and off to read in bed. Nearing the end of my day, so hopefully, I can go home and start on my healing night. 

This image is what has been plaguing me since last Saturday. 


So if you thought your job was tedious, just imagine having to sort all of these books by alphabetical order. A lot of papercuts have been happening too. 

Thanks for reading,

Kenneth Hinton



Monday Morning Madness

This morning I woke up at 4:30am. I have been having a hard time sleeping lately. Too much has been keeping my mind busy from school work to teaching, to the characters that are playing around in the complex labyrinth of my brain.

The characters are doing cartwheels, dancing on raised platforms, singing in the rain, or sitting down to tea with a large book while it pours outside the window. When they aren’t doing that then they are chasing each other to the center of the labyrinth (or the center of my attention). Some mornings I wake up with a headache and cannot help the fact that two characters from the same novel have reached the center of the labyrinth and want me to write them a spin-off of my main novel that they are in. 

Schoolwork has been going well so far, but I have midterms this week and have been meaning to get more studying in so I can hopefully get an A in the class and not have to worry about doing anything else next semester besides the two classes that I need to do. My Ph. D application is due on January 15th, 2019. I have a tour set up for the campus around November 10th, 2018. I may not have any idea just yet how major this step is going to be, but I am so ready to make the leap from being a graduate student to being a professional student in my area of American Literature. 

In terms of teaching, my students are doing their peer reviews for their Writing Intensive courses each week. This week they are writing their midterm essays for my class and having a peer review session before they turn it on Saturday night. 

Outside of all these things I am writing scholarly articles and getting ready to do a guest lecture on Nathaniel Hawthorne, which the title reads “Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Age of Romanticism and Gothic in ‘The Birth-Mark.'” It is no secret that I am a huge reader of Hawthorne from his short stories to his novels, I cannot help but fall headlong into the narratives he wrote. I became a Lifetime Member of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society during the first year of graduate school. It is amazing to look at his texts with so many different lenses because his text left ambiguous questions as to what some symbol meant or what he truly felt towards women that were speaking out. I also am reworking an essay to hopefully have published in a magazine for literary studies on Walt Whitman. The essay is titled, “Whitman’s ‘Calamus’ Cluster in the Third Edition of Leaves of Grass: The Closeted Homosexual Experience.”

So just like any other day, today is Manic Monday. I am trying to write more and more for the books I have been working on while trying to balance other obligations, but I am a firm believer in the one lesson I learned from the Aesop Fable “The Tortus and the Hair” that slow and steady wins the race. This is my journey and I should enjoy it while it lasts and not rush the process of being a writer. 

Thanks for reading,

-Kenneth Hinton